The second game
(Al doilea joc)

Poster – The Second Game

I was 7 years old. The phone rang. A man on the other end gave me a mission: I had to convince my father to give up refereeing. He said that if I failed, one day he would come home in a coffin.

I told my father what the stranger had said. My father continued to referee.

Director – Corneliu Porumboiu
Script – Corneliu Porumboiu
With – Adrian Porumboiu, Corneliu Porumboiu
Produced by – Marcela Ursu
Production – 42 KM Film

Romania, 2014, 98 min.

Berlinale Forum – 2014

Best Romanian Feature Film – Transylvania IFF 2014


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  • Cadru – The Second Game
  • Cadru – The Second Game
  • Cadru – The Second Game